United Nations Population Fund is the lead UN agency for delivering a world where every pragnancy i wanted, every childbirth is safe and every  young person's potential is fulfilled. 

In Smartica/Skykillers we have created a video to spread the values of the organization to the public woldwide. 
The Fund works to advance the policy and normative environment in reproductive health care, improve quality and accessibility of maternal health and family å services, and prevent HIV infection. UNFPA helps to generate data and explore complex linkages between population dynamics (e.g. changes in fertility, life expectancy, population's age structure) and socio-economic development, and to consider these linkages in development policies and programmes.
UNFPA promotes the development of gender policies and legislatioin, supports gender research and combats gender discrimination and violence. The Fund assists in the development and implementation of youth policy and supports youth empowerment initiatives. UNFPA also helps to protect the rights and interests of older people and is involved in shaping the national policy on ageing. 
 UNFPA provides support to the people affected by the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine in combating gender-based violence and receiving quality reproductive health services.
Client: UNFPA
Creative, Design, Art-Direction: Smartica/Skykillers
Motion Design: Syt-x

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